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April 23 – May 6
of user votes

Undelete support in projects

Restore deleted project elements like tasks, messages, files, etc. or even entire projects.

Runners-up: Bulk items reassignment (33% of user votes)

March 21 – April 2
of user votes

User roles


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Assign roles to project members to quickly select them when assigning tasks.

Runners-up: Keyboard shortcuts (44% of user votes)

February 27 – March 18
of user votes

Gantt charts


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Be able to easily visualize a project schedule and progress, and rearrange tasks' start and end dates directly inside the chart.

Runners-up: Task dependencies (41% of user votes)

October 3 – November 15
of user votes

Task templates due date on weekdays


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Avoid weekends when setting a task template due date.

Runners-up: Time logged threshold (38% of user votes), Team timer status (10% of user votes)

October 3 – October 18
of user votes

New permission system


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A more granular permission system for your users. You'll be able to assign separate rights for template management, project creation, project maintenance and new users invitation.

Runners-up: Undelete support in projects (31% of user votes), Webhook support (28% of user votes)

July 28 – August 10
of user votes



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Adds ability to separate a task in sub-tasks.

Runners-up: Undelete support in projects (33% of user votes), Task dependencies (27% of user votes)

July 10 – July 25
of user votes

Custom CRM fields


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Add custom data fields to your contacts, cases and deals.

Runners-up: Print center (40% of user votes), Milestone audit (13% of user votes)

June 21 – July 7
of user votes

Folders support in project files


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You'll be able to add a hierarchy of folders in the project files section.

Runners-up: Roles support in projects (31% of user votes), Links submenu in projects (14% of user votes)

June 9 – June 21
of user votes

Task audit

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View the entire modification history of any task.


Runners-up: Undelete support in projects (36% of user votes), Per user time threshold (18% of user votes)

May 3 – June 8
of user votes

Assign tasks to multiple users


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Pick any number of users to be responsible for your tasks. Apollo will do the rest (except actually doing them!)

Runners-up: Subtasks (43% of user votes), Bulk items reassignment (12% of user votes)

How does this work?

All details are in the related blog post, but here's the tl;dr version:

  1. Every week, each workspace gets a certain amount of thrust points. The longer you've been a client and the bigger your plan, the more points you get.
  2. Spend thrust points by voting on your favorite features, when they're running in a poll. Thrust points expire after 6 weeks, use them or lose them. Hurry up!
  3. The winning feature will be our absolute priority, and when ready will be shipped into Apollo for everybody to use.

Understanding your influence

To give you an idea of where you stand, look at your rocket type (you'll need to login).
Bigger rockets means more voting power.

  • Backyard rocket Level 1
  • Moon rocket Level 2
  • Mars rocket Level 3
  • Intergalactic rocket Level 4

With this in mind, you got the basis to start voting, so go for it!

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