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Keep an eye on your team workload

Monday January 11, 2016

As you may already know, you have the option to add a time estimation to tasks by opening the Details tab of the task form.

While more and more people started taking advantage of it, we were busy adding the workload report screen, and from today you can find it in your Apollo workspace by going to Projects and then clicking the Workload submenu.

This new report is very useful to assess what kind of load is on everyone's shoulders across the board. For each person, you'll find a summary of the number of assigned tasks, their total estimated time – even split between the already completed and still active parts – and the total logged time so far.

You can look at this info to find answers to various questions, for example: is everyone's load well balanced? Or, there's people with too much work assigned which could be moved to other, less busy, team members?

Another example: is the team logging time properly? Why 18 hours' worth of completed tasks only have 4 hours logged on them? Are we particularly bad at making time estimates (OK, we all are!) or there's a lot of time not being actively tracked? (You don't want that!)

The new workload report will help you discover and fix those little holes in your team productivity that you might not have noticed in your daily routine.