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Here's to a fantastic 2016 with Apollo

Wednesday January 6, 2016

“Please make sure your seat backs are in their full, upright position and that your tray tables are stored. Flight attendants, prepare for take-off…”

We're sketching down the Apollo development plan for 2016, and we feel like we're in a big plane ready to take off. We're trying to prioritize all the major features we set our mind to, but deciding their order and what to tackle first is no easy task!

Will it be the audit system for tasks? Or custom fields for contacts? Repeating tasks maybe? Or tasks assigned to multiple users? These are only some of the candidates based on your feedback, so keep it coming!

After releasing the new permission system for time tracking last week, this week update is mainly about small fixes and some polish (you'll find some of them in the list below). By the way, this one makes a total of 8 releases in the last 8 weeks!


  • Task CSV export: the estimated time field has been splitted in two fields (decimal hours, and minutes) instead of a single one in seconds.
  • Deal form: added the color bullet for categories and the “plus” icon on the submit button.

Bug fixes

  • Apollo could sometimes hang when trying to invite a new user in a project.
  • Mobile: some item pickers didn't work as expected.
  • Undo-ing a contact import could cause an error under certain conditions.
  • Archiving a project from the project list didn't update the project list cache used workspace-wide.
  • Selecting “I'll restart later” when asked to restart Apollo after a new version was available could cause Apollo to stop working and, well, force you to restart anyway.
  • Some special characters could break the deal form when editing it.
  • The deal update notification email was not showing the exact pricing.
  • The sum of deal values was incorrectly calculated when deals were worth the same.
  • Changing the related contact for a project sometimes caused a Javascript error.
  • Colors weren't visible in the Category selectbox of the contact form AND in the contact list's bulk actions.