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New website (it was about time!) and new features

Tuesday November 17, 2015

Today we released a new Apollo version with improvements made after listening to our users (details below). We love your feedback, please keep it coming!
We also published the new Apollo website, it was about time!

Read on for a sneak peek on the new features!

Categories for contacts

While tags are very useful for abstracting contact groups, they can become overwhelming when working with a large team. That's why you can now use real categories for your contacts.

Categories work like everywhere else in Apollo: they can have a name and a color and, once set, you can easily filter contacts by selecting a category in the right side of the contact list.

Pro tip: if you have already used tags as categories for your contacts, you can easily migrate them to real categories. Just: 1. click the “Tags” button in the contact list; 2. select your tag; 3. click a checkbox near a contact; 4. click “Select all” (or “Select all of your contacts” if the list spreads multiple pages); 5. click the “Change category” button to update all selected at once.

Industry field for contacts, and contact ownership

These two have been requested a lot lately, and we are happy to oblige.

While the Industry field is just another (useful) information you can track about your contacts, with the other we wanted to introduce the concept of ownership of a lead, that is which user in your Apollo workspace is responsible for looking after a specific contact. Of course you can filter by Owner as well, and you can mix it with the new category filter.

Import, export & API

The changes above have been reflected to the CSV import and export processes, so you can load that type of data into Apollo or export it to another app. You can also manipulate that data with our REST API.

New form for deals

We refreshed the deal form: it is smaller to fit tablet screens and has a tabbed layout to better organize its options.

The new form is just a starting point. We are working on more features to make deals stronger in the coming weeks.

And that's it for today! Thanks to the users who keep sending us feedback and to those who beta test. We hope you love the new features – you'll find a list of other minor changes below.


  • Admins can now manage user subscriptions to messages, tasks, milestones, etc.
  • Calendar event reminders can now be set to fire on the same day of the event.

Bug fixes

  • Adding a project from a deal wouldn't keep the deal associated to that project.
  • Adding a task with square brackets in the name cause an error. Now it works. Hello square brackets lovers!
  • Editing a task deleted all pending notifications for the comments on that task.
  • Sometimes adding a due date to task templates would give an error.
  • Starting a project form a template would enable all users who ever had access to that project template, including those that have been removed.
  • Non-admin users could see the "change visibility" and "delete" buttons in the contact list bulk action, even if they can't actually use them. Now they don't see them anymore. Abracadabra!
  • Mobile: there was an error when showing task comments in the contact feed in the overview screen.