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Subscribe to contacts, new Help and Support site, and more!

Tuesday November 24, 2015

Today we are releasing another feature that will benefit those of you who work with contacts, we revamped email interactions and we are announcing the brand new Help & Support site.

Subscribe to contacts as a whole

Subscribing to a comment thread for a task on a contact was something Apollo had from the beginning. Today, we are extending this functionality to the whole contact. This means that you can now subscribe to receive updates when a contact gets a new note added, or when somebody adds a comment to a note.

To use it, just open a contact and click Subscribe in the E-mail notification box. If you are an Admin user, you can also manage other users' subscriptions by clicking the Manage link.

Revamped email integration

For this one, we added some useful switches to help you bend the email interactions with Apollo to your will. Email dropbox only for pre-existing contacts (no contact list pollution)? Check! Private note on a contact? Check! Post a silent project message (users will not be notified)? Now you can!

You can read an handy guide about this feature, where you can find all the details.

New support site

We are happy to announce our Help & Support site, where you'll find a growing list of Guides and – of course – our FAQs. It is still on its infancy, but new content will be added each week.

Whether you are a novice Apollo user or an experienced one, we're sure you will find it useful.

And that's it for today! Thanks again to the users who send their feedback and to beta testers!