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Files section improvements

Monday March 7, 2016

This week's update for Apollo brings a little reorganization in the Files section inside projects, in order to improve the usability for common interactions, especially those regarding file versions.

Changes to the Files section

Sometimes, things were a bit confusing: there wasn't a clear distinction on what you were modifying when editing or deleting. To address this, every interaction is now applied to the latest file version. To further strengthen this, the interface has been updated with a few changes, namely:

  1. Clear message that deleting a single or multiple files will delete all file versions as well.
  2. No more expanding version list – open the file itself and select a specific version instead.
  3. Only the latest version of a file can be edited or commented now.
  4. Ability to delete a specific version or all of them (which avoids the tedious process where you had to delete every version to completely delete a file).

There's also a new window for uploading files: its file list is much more readable, and the upload will not start automatically after selecting or dropping files, so you'll have the chance to set up their options.

Once the upload starts, a progress bar will keep you updated, but you'll be also able to close the window while the upload continues in background. This will allow you to keep working in Apollo instead of waiting for the upload to complete and it's especially useful when uploading large files.

The new upload window is just a first step; new exciting features regarding uploaded files will follow soon.

Improved comment list

The comments section now lets you switch between all comments or just the latest ones, and there's a special option for files with multiple versions.

Previously, all comments from all versions were shown in a single list, and this proved to be confusing to some users. Now they can focus on a specific version and see only the comments pertaining to it.

That's all for this week! Thanks for reading, and keep sending your feedback, we love it!


  • Better alignment for the fields in the Edit file form.

Bug fixes

  • Recurring events weren't working correctly when they were set for Mondays; that's a confirmation that everybody hates Mondays.
  • Start time for recurring events wasn't being set correctly when daylight saving time would kick in.