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Wednesday August 16, 2017

We're in the middle of the summer break in Italy, but some of us are still working to bring you fresh features. Read below what was added to Apollo this week!

Allow multiple responsible on tasks

After shipping the ability to assign a task to multiple responsibles, we got a lot of positive feedback from our users. Some of them though reported that, in some cases, having multiple responsibles is counterproductive, and wanted to enable the feature on a per-project basis. Well this is now possible! Just uncheck Allow multiple responsibles on tasks when creating a new project, or in your current project settings.

Filter tasks across all projects by project manager

Last year, we added the ability to select a specific person as a project manager. While it's great to assign a supervisor for a project, when checking tasks across all projects you couldn't easily identify the manager of the project they belonged to. In busy workspaces, being able to filter all open tasks by project manager can be a big help in identifying bottlenecks. So now you can do it. Just head to Tasks across all your projects and select the project responsible on the filters from the right.

Project-specific color for Tasks and Milestones on the Calendar

Up until today, project tasks and milestones were shown on the calendar with a gray background. Now you can choose a specific color for each project. Open the project settings and set your preferred color using the Calendar color option.

Directly upload files on your cloud storages from Apollo

Picking files from your preferred cloud storage services right from Apollo is beyond useful, but to upload files there you had to resort to their corresponding app, be it Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Often though, other project users do not have access to the cloud storage accounts connected to your Apollo workspace. Starting today, you can upload files and let your collaborators do the same right within Apollo. This works for all supported cloud services.

That's all for today, thanks for reading!


  • The CSV export file for Tasks now shows the completion date.
  • Added a link to open the relative task in the “Top 10 delayed tasks” report.

Bug fixes

  • Tasks CSV export file wasn't showing all responsibles for that task.
  • In some pages, checkboxes weren't showing the checkmark.
  • The timers panel was being cut off by the tab bar.
  • Due to a bug with multiple responsibles support, in some cases the overview wasn't showing the correct task count.
  • Uploaded files weren't showing in the project feed anymore.
  • Various fixes to the CSV import from Capsule.