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Look at how Apollo works and why it will be a tremendous help for you, your business, clients, coworkers, partners, etc...

Why Apollo?

Apollo isn't just yet another web site. Apollo is a full project management and contact tracking application. It looks and feels like the sort of application you'd see on your desktop computer; and yet, it runs – fast – within your browser. Here are a few screenshots to show you how Apollo works, and what you can do with it.

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Keep everything under control

Use the overview to keep track of what's going on across all of your projects, calendars and personal tasks. Overdue and upcoming tasks are important: they will appear clearly at the top of your list.

Start interactive timers

With interactive timers, you can start a timer and keep track of how long you are spending on a task.

Add any type of task

From the overview you can add a personal task, a project task, or a task related to a contact.

Add calendar events

From the overview you can add a calendar event and save it onto any one of your calendars.

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My tasks

Keep tasks under control

Use “My active tasks” to see every single task (personal, project, or customer-related) that needs to be completed.

Check how you spend your time

See how long you've spent working on any tasks, and filter by date if necessary.


Keep track of everything

Use the calendar to keep track of events as well as tasks assigned to you and due on specific dates; the calendar is a fantastic tool not to miss out on a deadline again.

Add events quickly

Add an event quickly by just clicking on the calendar.

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See your project's activity

In the activity screen you can see who did what on your project and who is allowed to access it.

Communicate with your team

Talk to other people involved in your project. Each message can be commented on, and can have file attachments and a category.

Manage your projects' tasks

Use the task list to see exactly what needs to be done to get the project done. Each task can have a person responsible for it, and a deadline.

Set your milestones

You can assign a task list to a milestone, to divide your project into stages and throw a party when you complete a full stage.

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Keep all of your projects' files in one spot

Each project has its own “files” area. Here, both files attached to messages and stand along files are listed.

Give access to your projects to others

See who is allowed to access your project, and what they can do if they are external users.


See what happened to your contacts

If you are enabled to track contacts and leads, you can keep track of recent activities on your contacts.

Browse your contacts

Browse your contacts using the contacts browser, where both companies and contacts will show up.

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Check what needs to be done for your contacts

You can check all upcoming and overdue tasks on contacts, and filter them based on the person assigned to the task.

View your contacts

You can view a contact, as well as notes on him or her, related tasks, and important dates.

Create contact tasks

Apollo allows you to add a task connected to a specific contact.


Manage your employees

See all the internal users allowed to access your workspace. They are likely to be your company's employees.

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Manage external users and contractors

See all the external users allowed to access your workspace. They will belong to an external company.

Define groups

Define groups within your workspace. You will be able to mark an item as only visible to specific groups.

Basecamp importer

You can import all of your Basecamp data into Apollo in just a few clicks.

Comprehensive data exporter

For your peace of mind (and sanity), you can export all of your data in XML format.

Import your contacts

You can import contacts from other CRM systems easily.


Use it on the go

Apollo comes with a fast mobile site, try it on your iPhone or Android. (But! Keep in mind that the mobile version of Apollo is currently in beta)

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