File management

No matter how big your projects are, they’re going to include a lot of files. Whether they are message attachments, comment attachments, stand-alone file uploads or cloud documents, you can easily manage all of them from the Files section.

The ultimate place for your files

Upload any sort of files or simply drag and drop them into Apollo. Manage your file categories for easier retrieval.

Thumbnails and quick preview for images and PDFs

As soon as you upload one of the supported image types or PDFs, Apollo generates a thumbnail and a scaled down — yet acceptable — optimized version for on-screen viewing.

Drag & drop support

Drag files from your desktop to the upload window and you're done. It also works with multiple files at once!

File approval support

Optionally request a file to be approved by members of a project and be notified when it happens. Want to cherry-pick who can approve it or make sure everybody give their thumbs up? That's possible as well!

Private files

As with other items in Apollo, project files can be restricted from being accessible by external users.

We don't fight with other clouds, we integrate with them

Wherever you can attach a file, you can upload it from your computer or load it from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Effortless versioning

Upload a new variation of the same file and Apollo will keep an history of file versions. Useful with graphic iterations, slideshows, and so on!

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