Stop wasting your time: it's your most precious asset. Writeboards will let you grow your text documents in an organized and collaborative way, while retaining the ability to see what was changed in each revision and by whom.

A simple format for your thoughts

Create your documents in your project management tool and share them with your co-workers. Just write or use the standard markdown syntax to create rich texts. Feel free to collaborate and share ideas about a document using the comments feature.

Change it without regrets

Apollo saves a log of any review, so you can go back to a previous version of the same writeboard or compare two versions to see what's changed over time. For minor reviews you can avoid saving almost identical versions. Apollo notifies the changes you made to the right people.

Please share. Or don't.

The usual “private” Apollo flag applies to writeboards as well.

You can also export a writeboard in text or HTML format to share it with people outside of your team.

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