Project management

Apollo is your dashboard: don't lose your head with your folders, use a rational method instead.
It's easy to navigate and sort out projects in Apollo.

Project management

Get the ball rolling

Create a project, set your optional due dates, give access to your team and your clients. In Apollo a project is only visible to people you allow access to.

Star your favorite projects

Starred projects are always at your fingerprints via the favorites menu. You can also open all favorite projects at once. Thanks to Apollo's tabbed interface you can keep multiple projects open at the same time.

Categorize your projects

When you have more than an handful of projects, organizing your projects in categories is a great way to keep your workspace tidy. Categories can also be customized and color-coded.

Make your plan using Gantt charts

Visualize Tasks, Subtasks, Task lists and Milestones on the timeline of your Project — or all of your Projects — and easily change their dates and dependencies with a few clicks.

Note: the Task dependencies feature will be available soon.

Put it away

Set your projects as active, silent or archived. Silent projects won't send notifications out and are very useful in the project setup phase; when a project is completed, archive it for future reference — don't worry, archived projects are not included in your total project count for your plan, and you can access them anytime.

Save time with tasklist templates…

Tasklist templates let you streamline your workflow. Pre-defined tasklists can be added to any project with a click and you can even customize the task's assignee, its priority, the estimated time and relative attached files.

…or with entire project templates

Any project can be turned into a template, or you can start a project template from scratch.

Merge related projects together

When related projects grow in scope and overlap, Apollo let you easily merge their data – and people working on them – into one.

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