Apollo comes with a Calendar that is easy to set and use.

Customizable range

Daily, 4-days, weekly and monthly views. The calendar fits any screen size and adapts the view to your needs.

Recurring events

To save time and effort, events can be created to repeat over a period of time, such as every monday, once a month, every last friday and so on.

Full timezone support

Timezones = headache? Apollo shows events according to your personal timezone setting. For example: John from NYC set a call at 10am, Samya from Dubai have the same at 6pm (8 hours later).

Tasks and milestones

Milestones are quite important and we don't want you to miss them! Apollo displays milestones across all your projects on the calendar.

iCal feed support

Apollo can display your calendar events on your phone or on your preferred calendar app (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)

Scheduling and rescheduling

Create and rearrange appointments with the drag & drop feature. Any time an event is rescheduled, everyone involved gets notified. No secretary needed!

Event categories

A single set of color-coded categories for the entire workspace will help you keep your events organized.

Who's coming?

Updated information on people attending to an event is critical for the organiser: invite or quickly update the team on your participation at any meeting.

Each event has its own privacy setting

Full customization based both on privacy (public, people, member, me) and access level (view or edit).

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