Set Milestones to your project to keep the mission under control and achieve your next big goal!

Milestones view

The main view shows the next deadline, a nice status progress bar, along with quick links to related messages and task lists.

Completed milestones show the original due date and the actual completion date.

A great coordination tool

General collaboration about the milestone will happen in the comments. Admins and milestone responsible can complete and/or move to a different project.

See the big picture

Check milestones across all your projects, grouped by responsible or by due date. The small calendars on the right are very useful to see the big picture.

Shifting milestones

Let’s face it, some deadlines are going to be missed! That's fine, keep the situation under control: shifting milestones is super-easy. You will also have the option to shift all future milestones as well. When you do that, Apollo makes sure to avoid the weekends. Who wants to work on the weekend?

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