Messaging & discussion

Good communication is the key for the success of any project.
Start discussions and follow them easily, even via email

Messaging & discussion

Better than email

Write messages using familiar tools and add attachments of any kind, but also set a message to be private to your company or pick specific people to be notified.

Messages spark discussions

Teammates can contribute to the discussion by adding comments. Files can be attached as well.

If you can’t beat them…

…join them! Email will stay for a long time, so why not leverage its ubiquity? Send an email to your unique project dropbox email address to post a new message, or reply to a comment notification email to add your own comment to the discussion.

More: Email integration →

Keep your space tidy and organized

Sort by message date or last comment, or pin important discussions to the top.

When the number of discussions grow, organize them into customizable categories for easy grouping, or just archive them.

Download less, work faster

Attachments, like images and PDFs, are shown as thumbnails. Click on them and Apollo instantly shows you a large popup preview.

Link messages to milestones

Like task lists, messages can also be linked to specific milestones. This allows you to keep all relevant conversations together with the milestone they belong to.

Put words into action

When a discussion takes you to the right path, you realize what the next step is. Turn messages into actionable tasks.

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