So many contacts, so little time to manage them all correctly. Don't waste time waiting for a lead to get back to you: organize your follow up activities the right way.

Organize your contacts and let your business fly to the moon

In Apollo each contact has its own page, including: contact data, conversation history, co-workers notes, important dates, events and the next tasks assigned.

Track conversations

Keep valuable information about all your interactions. Allow anyone to follow-up.

Create tasks on contacts to get things done

Complete your tasks and check your co-workers' comments and feedback as well: never miss a follow up again!

Reminders for the next steps

Keep everything under control: Apollo sends automatic email reminders for the tasks to be completed.

Browse your contacts

Browse or search your contacts either by name or company.

Use Apollo's advanced search feature

Search by name, title, email, zip code, state, referral or any possible combination.

Tag your contacts

Tagging is a great way to keep your contacts organized. You can drill down by multiple tags and easily find what you need.

Co-workers, engineers, clients, partners, astronauts…

Organize all your contacts once and for all: remove dead leads, prioritize old contacts for future business opportunities and share them with your co-workers.

Information is the key to success

The “Latest activity” screen informs you of the latest relevant events and the activities performed by your team. Get a general overview or check the activity for a specific coworker.

Who knows what

Apollo lets you manage permissions on your contacts, too: you decide who gets access to what contact and relative information.

Simplified data entry

Apollo's clear interface makes data entry easy and fast, supporting multiple sets for every field.

Easy in: import existing contacts

Import your existing contacts with ease from the most used CRM tools or from CSV files.

Easy out: export contacts

Export a range or all your contacts to send your newsletter campaigns.

Merge duplicates

Easily merge duplicate contacts, correct contact information and tidy up your workspace with just a click

Email is dead, long live email

Emails sent directly to your customer will be automatically archived under your contact's record, courtesy of the email dropbox feature.

Track your opportunities and deals

Connect Deals to customers, categorize them and generate new business.

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