Building Apollo

Apollo behind the scenes: see what we are working on right now!

A new overview screen

Monday February 1, 2016

If you haven't already guessed by seeing the image above (or reading the title of this post, duh!) this week's update includes a new, much more useful Overview screen!

The upper zone of this screen puts you front and center: your performance indicators (Efficiency, Load and Week progress – more about these in a moment) are the first thing you'll see, followed by upcoming and overdue tasks, milestones, events and deal responsibilities, and then by a list of things you're working on.

Then there's a completely new team performance board that shows some key stats for each user in your workspace. Here you can see the same three performance indicators, the number of currently assigned tasks, the number of completed tasks and time logged in a specific time range.

When you select a past time range (that is, not “This week”), the rightmost columns also show the difference with the previous period.

Of course, the activity on projects and contacts is still available, so you can follow your team and go back in time to see exactly what happened.

The performance indicators

The three indicators are there to measure your work. Here's a rundown of their meaning:

Efficiency shows the share of tasks assigned to you that are still current (that is, that are not overdue). In other words, the fewer overdue tasks, the higher your efficiency.

Load is the share of overall active tasks assigned to you. In a perfect world this would show roughly the same value for all users of your workspace (and we would be writing these lines while drinking a Mojito on a beach in Cancún), but that's often not the case, so if you see this value skyrocketing, you might want to balance it back with the help of your team.

Week progress is the share of completed tasks assigned to you due by the end of the current week and – as its name suggests – it shows the progress of your work for the week.

Wrap up

We hope that the new overview screen will further improve your teamwork. To use it, just open Apollo!

We'd like to say thanks to the users of The Brave Collective who have been testing this feature for the last two weeks. By the way, this update brings us to the 12th release in 12 weeks straight! Talk about dedication!