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New card view for projects

Monday February 22, 2016

This week's update brings fresh air to your project list. By the way, this is the 15th Apollo update in the last 15 weeks, yay!

Introducing the card view

If you're a novice user, or just don't like complex visualizations, you'll be relieved to know that Apollo now sports a card view for listing projects. It shows projects as friendly cards containing just the essentials: project name, its category color, due date, the amount of time logged on it so far, and its overall progress. They're easier to click and even easier to scan when grouped by category, contact or project manager.

We received this request quite a few times in the past, but it wasn't until one of our users, Stephen from Loughborough University, did the extra mile and sent a nice hand-drawn sketch that we decided to took the plunge and make it a reality!

The card view will be the default from now on. You can switch back to the list view by clicking the Card view/List view buttons near the search box.

Project manager indication

After adding the ability to add a project manager to a project, some people asked to see the project manager in the list view.

We don't know how we missed this, but that sure was a legitimate request. So now you can do it: while in the List view, just click the page title (a.k.a. the filtering options dropdown), click the Project manager checkbox and click Show. That's it!

Those were the the most important changes for this week. Read below for a list of enhancements and bug fixes worth noting.

Thanks for reading!


  • Contact form: added empty values for the Owner and Category fields, so they disappear if you're just tabbing between all fields without selecting any value.
  • Better spacing and responsive layout for a few pages in Projects (Writeboard form, Project settings, Search), Contacts (Contact form, Search), and Settings (Company identity, Account, Regional settings, Preferences).
  • Better support for encoded filenames for files attached to elements created via email.
  • Deal form: smaller footprint when using the new flat look.
  • Added color to submit buttons, to indicate the default action.
Bug fixes
  • The estimated time wasn't being stored when saving a task for a project template.
  • Calendar: due to a timezone issue, events recurring for more than a year were being saved with a wrong time value.
  • Secondary rows in tasks were visible even when empty, leading to a waste of vertical space.
  • Removed nasty flash effect when clicking “I'll restart later” after a new version of Apollo is available.
  • Fixed uneven radio button spacing inside the filtering options tooltip in My Tasks.
  • Group form: added a background color to the user list when using the new flat look.
  • Overview: tasks marked as Started were showing as Completed.
  • Tag management: fixed random empty space when there wasn't any tag for a given letter.