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Pick specific people for file approval

Monday July 11, 2016

A couple months ago Apollo received a very useful addition: The file approval workflow. Since then, usage of files has skyrocketed so much that it, among others, pushed the need for a completely redesigned file list in projects.

In some use cases though, leaving the file open to anyone's approval is not ideal. Sometimes only specific people in a project must have the right to approve a file, be it the customer or anyone else, depending on the case.

So today we're adding the ability to choose who can approve a specific file.

To do that, check the file approval checkbox when uploading a new file or editing an existing one, then select the people who can approve it from the dropdown.

Approval options in the file upload form

Once you select one or more users and save, the ability to approve that file will be restricted just to them – they'll get an email notification asking them to give their approval. All other users will only be able to see the approval status, either in the file list or in the file detail page, which now shows more data, such as who needs to approve, who gave their approval and when.

File approval status

We hope this will help your team workflow. See you next week for another update!

As always, you can find a list of minor changes below.

Thanks for reading!


  • Added ability to upload password protected PDF files.
  • Image proofing: added behavior to prevent drawing a point on top of another.
  • Time reports: wider date textboxes in the new flat style.
  • New layout for the time entries' bulk actions dropdown.
  • New layout for Settings > Integration.
  • Calendar: shorter day labels in month view, to avoid text wrapping on smaller screens.

Bug fixes

  • Trying to print the calendar would result in a blank page.
  • The contact list wasn't loading when using both a field filter and sorting by last name.
  • Opening the original file in a new tab from the file's detail page would also bring the user to the Overview.
  • In some cases, migrating to the new calendar wouldn't work.
  • Error in the Image proofing dialog box would prevent it from from reopening it after closing it.
  • Some buttons were a bit taller than others (just 1 pixel, but enough to notice).
  • Google Drive integration would stop working if Apollo was asked to re-authenticate from Google servers.
  • Tasklist checkboxes in the project's Tasks section were visible when switching to another section.
  • Project files: deleting a file with at least a comment to an annotation wasn't working.