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Set the estimated time for a Project

Wednesday February 8, 2017

Welcome to the first Apollo update of 2017! Today we present a little new feature for the projects section and a sneak peek into what's coming in February.

Until today there was no way to know if a project was either overtime or ahead in time. From now on, you can specify the total estimated or total agreed upon time for each project, and keep tabs on the percentage already used in the project list, along with the total time tracked.

This small feature is something that was repeatedly requested in the last few weeks by those of you who manage projects on a predefined amount of time. We receive requests to add new specific fields to a project almost every week, and usually we push back to avoid turning Apollo into a total mess. This time, though, it was clear that a small addition could have an impact in the way most of you work, and for the better. If you were tracking this information outside of Apollo, you can now keep it with the project in Apollo, where it belongs.

Here's how it looks like in the project list's List view:

Time percentage in the list view

And here's it in the project list's space-constrained Card view – it only shows the percentage value:

Time percentage in the card view

Speaking of Time tracking, we'd like to remind old and new users that there's the ability to create detailed Time reports with custom filtering, and for the past weeks has been available a new set of granular permissions for the Time tracking feature.

One more thing…

About those reports… notice something new in the screenshot below?

Sidebar with reports menu

We'll leave you hanging there for awhile; we look forward to the next update, and we think you'll like it.

Thanks for reading!

New features

  • Mobile: ability to add recurring Events and Repeating Tasks (only on Event/Task creation).


  • Overview: Projects' and Contacts' activity is now centered on big screens.
  • Mobile: ability to set the start date on Tasks.
  • Mobile: added an icon to indicate a Repeating Task.
  • The "more" link to expand the Task's full description was missing "..." at the end. That was very important.

Bug fixes

  • The number of Tasks in the Task's recurrencies dropdown was wrong.
  • Mobile: the Overview was showing a slightly different set of Tasks and Milestones, compared to the Overview in the desktop version.
  • Overview: in some cases, Tasks belonging in private Task lists were visible to external users.
  • Sometimes, dragging a Task in the Calendar would remove the Task's responsible.
  • The Basecamp import feature wasn't working in some edge cases.
  • The Milestone form for project templates had some issues showing the Responsible selectbox.
  • Sometimes, deleting a Case wouldn't hide it from screen.