Integrated Project and Contact Management done right.

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Apollo is project and contact management done right. Using Apollo, you will realise that it's built to help you get things done, quickly and efficiently. With Apollo, you will always know where your projects, your contacts and your life are at and you will feel on top of everything — regardless of how hectic your schedule is.

Use it anywhere

Use Apollo on the road, from your hotel's Internet terminal, your netbook, or from your friends' PC. Although it looks, feels and smells like a desktop application, Apollo is fully online: you will never need to install it, upgrade it, or fix it. We will do everything for you.

Project and contact management

Projects, events, tasks, people, companies, calendar... they are all integrated, and work together giving you a chance to just. Get. Things. Done.

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Involve external workers in your project

Apollo allows you to grant external workers access to your projects, while protecting your company's data. External users can have tasks assigned, and can interact with other Apollo users. They will love Apollo too.


Apollo integrates nicely with existing services. Use your files from Google Drive (Dropbox support coming soon), and make invoices with Harvest or Freshbooks.

Fully hosted solution

You, the user, only need to focus on your projects and getting them done. We deal with backups, upgrades, and anything that needs to happen on the server side of the story.

We listen to you

We are constantly adding new features in Apollo. While you use it, you will be amazed to see that more and more functionalities will make your life easier. And if you have an idea, a feature request, or want to report an issue, we are here to help -- we listen to our users!