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Complete tasks when committing time

Thursday January 11, 2018

Welcome to the first update of 2018! While we're hard at work on big new features, we wanted to show you a couple smaller ones. Here we go!

Mark Task as completed when saving a Timer

Avid Timer users will find this very useful. When saving a Timer connected to a Task, they often have the need to check the Task off their list. This usually involves remembering the task description after hitting Log time on the Time form, finding the task again and then marking it as completed.

As a shortcut, now you can simply check Mark task as completed directly on the Time form. Once you hit Log Time, the timer will be saved and the task will be marked as completed in one fell swoop.

Easier task filtering in My Tasks

For those that like to filter tasks by their context, there's a small enhancement. Projects, Contacts, Deals, etc. in the “Refine by” box are now sorted alphabetically rather than (seemingly) at random order. This should make easier to find what you're looking for.

No more classic interface

As mentioned in previous posts (see here and here), our plan was to introduce a new user interface and ditch the old one sometime in the future. Well, that time has arrived, so this is the last call. In the upcoming days, those that are still using the old theme will be automatically switched to the new, flat style user interface.

That is all! Stay tuned for more in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading!


  • Better unicode and multibyte support in data handling.

Bug fixes

  • Sometimes, calendar filters were not saved.
  • API: time entries added weren't being rounded to the minute.
  • Sometimes a user could receive multiple notifications for a repeating task (where one notification is enough).